Doorwin 2021discount price pleating folding insect window screen high quality aluminum barrier-free folding insect screen

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Product Description
DIY pleated doors folding mesh retractable insect screens
Key Features
Complete DIY retractable screen door kit
Adjustable powder coated aluminum frames to be easily sawed
Patent dustproof and water repelling pleated screen mesh
Ideal for till and turn windows&doors,casement and sliding window & 
door and also for large opening bi fold doors
Mesh color
Screen Frame color
White, Grey, Bronze, Green, Dark grey, Imitated steel
Recommended Dimensions
40x 84 inches
Adjustable range
Width: ranging from 36" to 40"
Height: ranging from 78" to 84"
Jamb width: 2 inch or more to install
Mesh material-100% Polyester Mesh
Screen Frame-Aluminium Alloy
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